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Le Président 

Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur  

Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite

Grand Cordon de l’Encouragement Public

La Secrétaire Générale

Grand Cordon de l’Encouragement Public

On the occasion of the 91st anniversary of the association “ENCOURAGEMENT PUBLIC”, arrangements have been made to present medals to a group of eminent scientists and exceptionally skilled personalities. The awarding of the medals to a group of world renowned scientists selected by the World Scientific Congress – 2022 held in Paris, France on October 18-19, 2022 has been scheduled for September 07th, 2023 which will be held at the “FACO PARIS – FACULTE LIBRE DE DROIT, D’ECONOMIE & DE GESTION, 115,  Rue Notre Dame des Champs,75006, Paris, France.

The President of ENCOURAGEMENT PUBLIC”, Mr. Alain Pisani, will be the chief guest of this award ceremony and the General Secretary Mrs. Nicole Bedel, is scheduled to attend as the guest of honor.

A significant number of scientists and skillful professionals from France, Italy, Germany, Kazakhstan, England, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, the United States, Sweden, Spain, Sri Lanka and India are due to participate in this occasion.

A large number of distinguished individuals are expected to attend this award ceremony, which is being organized by the “ENCOURAGEMENT PUBLIC” association in collaboration with the Ararat International Academy of Sciences (AISA) France, Interuniversity Academic Council, and IPPSA.

The association “ENCOURAGEMENT PUBLIC”, association of the Law of July 1, 1901, is a French work of social mutual aid, and an organization of moral, social and civic action of solidarity and universal concord founded in 1932, by citizens for citizens. The basic goals of this organization, whose motto is “Knowing how to reward merit,” and whose objectives are exalting the noble feelings of justice, are advancing morality and human unity, morally and financially assisting families in need due to incapacity for work or the death of a family member due to dedication, and rewarding with an honorary distinction their members or any other person or humanitarian organization who, through their actions and dedication, contribute to the advancement of morality and human unity, morally and financially assisting families.

This award ceremony plays an important role in various fields, including entertainment, sports, business industries, academic, and culture. They serve several purposes, including:

Recognition of achievement:

By holding an awards ceremony, we hope to show our appreciation for those who have worked hard and contributed to the society.


When individuals or teams are recognized for their achievements, it often motivates them to continue to improve their performance.


Promote the winners and the event to increase their visibility and enhance their reputation.

Networking opportunities:

Our events serve as a meeting ground for influential individuals in many fields, allowing them to network and form new bonds with their peers.

Boost morale:

Increase the victor’s sense of well-being to promote group cohesion and individual pride.

          Le Président                                                                                La  Secrétaire Générale

         Alain PISANI                                                                                      Nicole BEDEL